what is a 1878 silver dollar worth


What Is A 1878 Silver Dollar Worth?

The 1878 silver dollar with no mint mark 8 feather variation is worth around $85 in very fine condition. In extremely fine condition the value is around $100. In uncirculated condition the price is around $220 for coins with an MS 60 grade. Uncirculated coins with a grade of MS 65 can sell for around $1,000.

Where is the mint mark on an 1878 Morgan dollar?

The mint mark, which signifies where the coin was minted, also plays a large role in the value of the 1878 Morgan silver dollar. The mint mark is located just below the base of the wreath, right above the “D” and “O” in “ONE DOLLAR.”

What year is the rarest Morgan Dollar?

The 1895 Morgan silver dollar is known as the “King of the Morgan Dollars” because it is the rarest and one of the most valuable coins in the entire Morgan Dollar series.

How many 1878 Morgan silver dollars are there?

Mintage: 749,500. First 1878 Morgan dollar released to the public. 8 Tail Feathers. Flat Eagle Breast.

How do I know if my silver dollar is worth anything?

Two of the primary ways to determine the value of a silver dollar is its melt value—value determined by the mass of silver contained in the coin itself—and for the rarity of the coin. The melt value of a coin can be determined in an approximate way, based off the value of the precious metal within the silver dollar.

What is the most sought after Morgan silver dollar?

1893‑S. The rare key-date 1893‑S Morgan is the showpiece most collectors need to complete a collection but is difficult to acquire! This rare 90% silver dollar is considered the most desirable Morgan ever struck at a branch mint.

What is a cull Morgan Dollar?

You may receive coins from any year between 1878 and 1904 or 1921. … Coins with a “cull” designation are considered to be in overall poor condition and generally would not be of any interest to collectors. Each coin contains 90% silver and has a $1 face value.

How much is a silver dollar worth in 2021?

Silver dollar values are on the move. Precious metals, gold and silver, are on the move. Collectible coins are on the move. As of 11/22/2021 with silver at $24.86 an ounce, all silver dollars minted prior to 1936 are worth a minimum of $22.68 each.

Why is it illegal to own a 1964 Peace Dollar?

Treasury Department officials ruled in May 1973 that the 1964-D Peace dollar is illegal to own. … If any pieces were to have escaped melting and entered the collector marketplace, the silver dollars are subject to confiscation by the Treasury Department.

Are Morgan dollars a Good Investment?

Because most of the Morgan dollar coins exist in higher grades than most other series, you should invest in only the highest grade specimens. … They are pricey compared to MS-60 to MS-63, but their incredible rarity in the age of encapsulated coins make them a good investment.

What year silver dollars are worth money?

1. 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. Bottom line: The “holy grail” of all silver dollars is a 1794 Flowing Hair, which is believed to be the first silver dollar ever struck by the United States. Numismatist and coin dealer Bruce Morelan bought the coin in 2013, spending $10 million to own this insanely rare coin.

What are $2 bills worth?

Most large size two-dollar bills issued from 1862 through 1918, are highly collectible and are worth at least $100 in well-circulated condition. Uncirculated large size notes are worth at least $500 and can go up to $10,000 or more.

How do I sell my silver dollars?

The easiest way to sell coins is to track down a reputable dealer. They’ll offer a wholesale price instead of retail, but a lower rate might be worth the convenience. Other options include auctions, online marketplaces, and searching an online forum for collectors.

How much is a silver dollar worth in silver?

Melt Values of U.S. Silver Coins
Coin Composition Melt Value Updated 11/26/2021
Morgan Dollar (1878-1921) 90% Silver $17.95
Peace Dollar (1921-1935) 90% Silver $17.95
Eisenhower, Silver (1971-1976) 60% Copper, 40% Silver $7.34
American Silver Eagle $1 (1986-Date) 99.93% Silver $23.21

Are wheat pennies worth anything?

Although a wheat penny’s face value is one cent, all wheat pennies are worth more than their face value. Even those in poor condition are worth at least 3 or 4 cents, and some can be worth six figures. Most wheat pennies in good condition will be worth about $10 on average and are fairly easy to find and purchase.

What are good years for Morgan dollars?

Most Morgan Silver Dollars are considered to be common at an uncirculated grade or Grade 50 or less because of the high mintage, particularly the 1921 Morgan Dollar, those minted at the San Francisco Mint of 1880-1882 and those minted at the Carson City Mint of 1882-1884 in grades up to 66.

What are Carson City silver dollars worth?

Estimated Price Range: $1,500 – $8,000 Comments: One of the toughest dates to acquire in the series, the 79 CC is highly desirable in quality condition.

Are cull coins worth anything?

When it comes down to it, cull coins are great investment opportunities for collectors who are on a budget or are not concerned with the appearance of their investment. The precious metals that make up cull coins are still worth at least spot price, making them great investments.

What does BUNC coin mean?

Brilliant Uncirculated Coins (BUNC, BUC, BU)

Brilliant Uncirculated coins are a higher standard than circulating and uncirculated coins. The dies (the extremely hardened, metal stamping tools) used to strike Brilliant Uncirculated coins are polished and finished by hand.

What are Roman cull coins?

Any coin, regardless of its material or design, may be designated as cull if it is in poor condition. Any number of flaws, from cosmetic problems to structural defects, can justify this classification.

Are the 2021 Morgan silver dollars sold out?

The two privy-marked Morgan dollars were offered from the Mint and sold out May 24; the 2021-D and 2021-S Morgan dollars were offered and flagged as sold out Aug. 3; and the Philadelphia Mint 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars were offered and labeled as sold out Aug. 10.

What will the 2021 silver dollar look like?

Two reverse types of American Eagle silver dollars will be issued in 2021, one with the current Heraldic Eagle design and the second with a new eagle landing design. The 2020 obverse design, illustrated, is to be “refreshed” for 2021.

What years are silver dollars real silver?

Generally speaking, United States Silver Dollars dated 1935 or earlier are made from 90% silver, 10% copper – with a total silver content of around 0.77-0.78 troy ounces. However with silver dollars from 1965 onwards, things get more complex.

What is a Walking Liberty Half Dollar Worth?

All Walking Liberty half dollars are 90% silver, so even in very poor condition they are generally worth more than $10 per piece. As illustrated above, Walking Libs that are key dates and/or are in uncirculated condition can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What are Kennedy half dollars worth?

Kennedy Half Dollar Average Prices and Values
Date & Mint Circ. Buy Circ. Sell
1964-D $11.50 $10.00
1965 $5.00 $4.00
1966 $5.00 $4.00
1967 $5.00 $4.00

How much is a 1977 dime worth?

What This Coin Looks Like (Obverse, Reverse, Mint Mark Location, Special Features, etc. ):
Good (G-4) Very Good (VG-8) Uncirculated (MS-65)
Good (G-4) Very Good (VG-8) Uncirculated (MS-65)

What is the highest grade Morgan Dollar?

The Morgan Dollar was minted from 1878-1904 and then again in 1921. No Morgan Dollar has ever graded at the 70 level due to inconstancies in the minting process throughout the years, making the MS69 Prooflike grade of this 1880-S Morgan truly astonishing.

How much should I pay for a Morgan silver dollar?

Morgan Silver Dollar Price Chart
Date & Mintmark Mintage G
1878 (7TF) 9,759,300 $40
1878 (8TF) 750,000 $50
1878-S 9,774,000 $30
1878-CC 2,212,000 $100

How much are Morgan silver dollars selling for?

Morgan’s silver dollar values start from as low as $10 to as high as $100. But, the most expensive Morgan Silvers are the MS65-graded coins, with the 1889 CC auctioning for a whopping $300,000!

How much is a buffalo nickel worth?

Most circulated buffalo nickels are only worth a slight premium over their still legal tender face value of 5 cents. Typically 25 or 30 cents. However, experienced coin collectors pay significant premiums for buffalo nickels that look as fresh and detailed today as the day they were minted.

Is Confederate money worth anything now?

Today, though, Confederate dollars have value as a collectible item. Just like people will pay money to own a Civil War hat or musket, they will pay money to own Confederate money. Some rare Confederate bills are now worth 10 times more than they were in 1861.

Can you get a 500 dollar bill from the bank?

Can I still get a five hundred dollar bill from the bank? Though the $500 dollar bill is still considered legal tender, you won’t get one at the bank. Since 1969, the $500 bill has been officially discontinued according to the Federal Reserve high-denomination bills.

Are silver certificates worth anything?

These silver certificates are typically worth a small premium over face value, with circulated certificates typically selling for $1.25 to $1.50 each. Meanwhile, uncirculated silver certificates can be worth between $2 and $4 apiece. Earlier issued silver certificates can be worth much more.

Can you sell silver to a bank?

Some banks offer silver savings accounts that allow you to buy silver without physical delivery. On most occasions, banks don’t sell silver, and when they do, they charge higher premiums, as they’re not built for dealing in silver.

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