how to wire wrap pendant


How To Wire Wrap Pendant?

  1. Cut the Wire. Cut two pieces of 24-gauge wire each at least 5 inches long. …
  2. Twist the Wires Together for 1 Side. …
  3. Align the Wire on the Stone. …
  4. Twist the Wire to Form the Basket Base. …
  5. Finish the Wire Twists for the Other Side. …
  6. Secure the Stone. …
  7. Twist the Wires Together. …
  8. Secure the Wires.

How do you make a simple wire wrap pendant?

How do you wire wrap a pendant without a hole in it?

How do you wire wrap a rock pendant?

What wire is used for wire wrapping?

Copper wire is my favorite wire for wire-wrapping.

I bought 18 gauge and 24 gauge which was enough to get started. Copper wire is also widely available online. If you want “real” copper wire, make sure that it’s labelled as either “bare”, “raw” or “pure”.

How do you wire wrap for beginners?

How do you wrap a gem in wire?

How do you wire wrap a large stone?

How do you wrap crystals with string?

How do you start wire wrapping stones?

  1. Twist the Wires. Hold the two wires together, find the middle, and twist them around each other. …
  2. Place Your Stone. Shape the two wires at the bottom of the twist to create a V. …
  3. Wrap and Twist Some More. …
  4. Cross and Continue. …
  5. Create a Bail.

What is the best gauge for wire wrapping?

24-gauge wire is fine enough to fit through most gemstone beads, and is durable enough to make good wire-wrapped loops. 22 gauge jewelry wire is a good general-purpose wire gauge.

What is needed for wire wrapping?

Basic Wire Wrapping Supplies
  • Ruler.
  • Wire Cutters.
  • Permanent Marker.
  • Jewelry Making Pliers: Round, bent nose and chain (use these to tuck in wire ends and shape your wire)
  • Gauge (measures the inside of holes for beads and the width of the wire for gauging)
  • Needle Nose Flat File (for filing the wire ends)

What wire will not tarnish?

Non-Tarnish Jewelry Wire is the perfect gold alternative. ParaWire takes 99% pure copper wire and coats it with an exclusive non tarnish coating and a lovely finish. This wire is great for jewelry making and other craft projects!

Is wire wrapping easy?

Wire wrapping—which is one of the oldest handmade jewelry-making techniques—can be traced back thousands of years. … Wire wrapping is a technique that is simple to learn, within many people’s means, and manageable. To get started, all that you need is a coil of wire and two pairs of pliers.

How do you make pendant necklaces?

How do you wire wrap a teardrop pendant?

How does a wire wrap tool work?

How do you wire wrap irregular stones?

How do you wire wrap a cabochon stone?

Place your cabochon down and with the joined wires at the bottom, gently bend the wires around the edges. Turn your cabochon over in your hands and gently pull the two back wires and cross them over at the back, then turn the cabochon over and do the same over the front of the stone.

How do you wrap a stone necklace?

How do you tie a slip knot for a necklace?

Can you use memory wire for wire wrapping?

Do wire rings turn your finger green?

Wearing copper jewelry can cause your skin to turn green due to chemical reactions. To prevent it coat your jewelry with clear nail polish and keep away from water. … The reason your skin turns green is actually a normal reaction from the copper in your ring.

Is 20-gauge wire strong?

The square 20-gauge wire is most often used to make heavier jewelry such as bracelets and rings for men, as well as to create neck collars for women. Measures 0.040 inches or 1.02 millimeters in diameter and it is a very strong wire.

What is a wire wrap tool?

Wire wrap and unwrap tools create a wire connection by wrapping and unwrapping small gauge solid wire around the sharp corners of a connection post. They are used for the construction of circuit boards.

What is a Triblet used for in wire wrapping?

A triblet, also known as a mandrel is used to help you form, shape and resize rings.

How do you wire a jig Bend?

Is aluminum or copper wire better for jewelry?

Aluminum wire is strong, yet lightweight and still soft and easy to shape. It can be purchased in its natural silver color, or as colored wire or with an enamel coating in various colors. … Copper is slightly softer than sterling silver, but for the most part is still comparable.

How do you keep wire jewelry from tarnishing?

Ways to Keep Your Jewelry From Tarnishing
  1. Keep It Dry. The fastest way to tarnish your jewelry is by contact with moisture and liquids. …
  2. Store It Properly. Listen up, ’cause this one’s important! …
  3. Try a Jewelry Protectant Spray. …
  4. Give It a Break.

Is aluminum wire safe for jewelry making?

Aluminum wire, anodized and colored, is extremely lightweight and can be used in jewelry, hobby, crafting and garden-set applications, too! Unlike color-enameled copper wire, which will work-harden as it’s manipulated, aluminum stays soft.

How do I make a locket pendant?

How to Make a Vintage Locket
  1. Step 1: Hammer Out Two Nickels. 3 More Images. …
  2. Step 2: Heat the Metal. Take the flattened coins to your stove. …
  3. Step 3: Make a Bottle Cap. 12 More Images. …
  4. Step 4: Make the Wire Form. …
  5. Step 5: Roll the Edge Over. …
  6. Step 6: Dome the Cap. …
  7. Step 7: Polish the Locket. …
  8. Step 8: Cut the Hinge Grooves.

What is needed to make pendants?

Here are my essentials tools that every jewelry maker needs.

The 11 Tools Every Jewelry Maker Needs
  1. Flat Nose Pliers. These will be your go-to. …
  2. Round Nose Pliers. These will help you make wire loops and hoops, bends, clasps and jump rings. …
  3. Nylon Tipped Pliers. …
  4. Wire Cutters. …
  5. Flush Cutter. …
  6. Practice Material. …
  7. Ruler. …
  8. Disk Punch.

How do you make a simple pendant?

How do you wire wrap a small cabochon?

Basic Cabochon Wrap Wire Wrapped Pendant Beginner

Simple Beginner Cabochon Wire Wrap Pendant Using One Piece of Round Wire

Wire wrap pendant tutorial ‘Camila’ by Kelly Jones Jewellery.

Wire Wrap Simple Mini Pendant Cabochon Tutorial

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