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The 13 Best Air Fryer Brands in 2021, What to consider when buying an air fryer

In today’s world, there are a lot of health conscious people out there that want to do what they can in order to eat healthy and stay fit. With a busy lifestyle, it can be tough to find time for cooking meals from scratch every day. That is where the best air fryer comes in! This handy kitchen appliance allows you to cook your favorite fried foods without all the calories and fat. In this post we will go over some of the different types of air fryers on the market as well as discuss how an air fryer works with some recipes for delicious meals you can make at home!

Air Fryers can be a great way to cook healthier and save time. It is important to select the best quality air fryer for your needs and budget. This blog post will provide you with helpful information about this kitchen appliance, including: what it is, how it works, why you should buy one, where to find them on sale or used, how much they cost and more. You’ll also learn the pros of using an Air Fryer vs pan frying food in oil.

The purpose of this article is to help you make an informed decision when purchasing an Air Fryer for your home kitchen!

What is the best air fryer?

Air fryers are a fairly new addition to the appliance market. In simple terms, it is a mini oven that cooks food using air instead of oil. An air fryer basket suspends food above a heating element and circulates hot air around it at a high speed. Even though the basket only contains hot air, it does not dry out or burn food like sun-dried tomatoes. The basket lowers the temperature of the circulating hot air considerably, so that when it hits your food, it crisps up your food without actually cooking them in any additional fat. This makes the finished product light on calories while maintaining its flavor and texture almost perfectly intact!

The best part? Most models allow you to swing out an extra rack where you can place larger items like a whole chicken or steaks quickly and easily.

What type of air fryers are there?

Currently there are 3 main types of air fryers on the market.

1) Standard Countertop Air Fryer

Standard countertop air fryers are most similar to the mini oven that you already have except for one big difference… they use air instead of oil. With a standard countertop air fryer, you simply pour in some oil, set the temperature and timer, and let it do its thing. You can buy them with or without frills like digital displays or pre-set cooking programs, but either way they all work more or less the same way. These models typically cost between $100 – $200 dollars depending on size and features.

2) Digital Programmable Convection Air Fryer

Digital programmable convection air fryers are a little more expensive and a little more sophisticated than the basic countertop models. They typically come with manual dial controls, but they also have digital displays that allow you to set a specific temperature or cooking time. You can also expect these models to include digital touch buttons for quick pre-sets like chicken wings, french fries, cookies, etc.

3) Digital Air Fryer Ovens

Digital air fryer ovens work as both an oven and as an air fryer by means of convection heating or infrared light rays that cook food from all sides at once giving food that mouthwatering crispy texture we all love. Since these types of air fryers cook several levels deep at once, they take less time to cook food. This makes them perfect for cooking larger portions of foods like whole chickens and steaks.

Are air fryers healthier?

Yes! Air frying your food is definitely healthier than deep fried foods because it doesn’t use any oil at all. Not only do you eliminate the need to soak your food in grease before cooking, but you also eliminate many of the unnecessary fat calories that come along with fried foods. You can expect air fryers to cook most of your favorite recipes more healthily and still taste like they came straight out of your favorite fast food joint… minus all those nasty trans fats, of course!

A Healthy Alternative

Here’s a tip if you’re looking for healthier alternative to cooking french fries or chicken wings (or anything else for that matter).

Try lining the basket of your air fryer with parchment paper instead aluminum foil then set the temperature for 375 degrees Fahrenheit… you’ll get extra crispy oven-like french fries without all the added fat!

Why buy an air fryer?

Price: ​Although air fryers are well known for being one of the most versatile small appliances on the market today, not many people know that there’s actually quite a bit of difference between each individual model! While all air fryers have the same basic function of cooking food using hot air, there are some key features available with certain models that others don’t have. This means you could end up paying more for an appliance that has features you don’t need or saving money by purchasing one with features you can’t use.

Best air fryer When it comes to choosing an air fryer one of the most important things you should consider is how much you’re willing to spend! As a general rule, most people find that spending about $100 on an appliance is a good balance between price and quality… but not everyone necessarily agrees with this so get whatever you think will work best for your needs!

Versatility The best way to determine if an air fryer has features you need or want is by reading reviews from previous buyers. Take special note of what they liked and disliked about their air fryers because these reviews can be a good indicator of whether or not a certain model might be right for you too! Also try checking out some videos online that feature an air fryer so you can see it at work.

Style Another thing to consider when buying a new air fryer is whether or not the outer shell of the appliance will be easy for you to wipe down and keep clean. Cleaning up after cooking (or melted cheese… let’s be honest) isn’t always easy with these appliances, but if you pick one with a removable basket or tray then things would probably be much easier for you!

Top 13 best air fryer review 2021

#1. BELLA (14752) 2.6 Quart Air Fryer

BELLA (14752) 2.6 Quart Air Fryer
BELLA (14752) 2.6 Quart Air Fryer

Brand: BELLA

Model Name: Air Convection Fryer

If you love fried food, but hate how much oil is used in the process and want to avoid all those unhealthy trans fats found on store shelves then this Air Fryer will be perfect for your needs! With its stainless steel exterior it keeps looking good as new even after years of use. You can also easily remove the basket if desired so that only clean dishes go into dishwasher (or sink).

This convection fryer features high performance Circular Heat Technology that makes food crispy & evenly cooked every time with a 1500 watt stainless steel heating element for efficient heat up, cooling down and long term durability of your cooking appliance by using 75% less oil than other traditional deep fat frying methods while creating mouth-watering flavor!

The BELLA 2.6 Quart Air Fryer lets you create healthier fried foods at home with its easy to use and clean design! This fryer features a manual control dial, dishwasher safe basket & drawer as well as an automatic chip remover that makes sure there are no burnt bits of potato or other vegetables on your dinner plate when it’s done cooking – all without compromising the flavor of what made them so great in their original form (plus they’re less greasy).

BELLA Air Fryer is the perfect tool to make your favorite snacks like french fries, onion rings and chicken nuggets without all those extra calories. The Hot Air Frying allows you to cook crispy golden brown treats in safety!

Let the Bella Air Fryer be your new best friend. Whether you want crispy French Fries, chicken nuggets or a homemade gourmet meal with incredible texture and flavor that’s easy on all those tired old taste buds; this appliance does it! You’ll never have to worry about greasy dishes again because these babies fried up just right every time before heating through in just 60 seconds at low heat setting so there is no need for babysitting when cooking large meals



– Easy to use

– Cleans up is easy in the dishwasher
– Cook delicious foods without oil.
– Reduce your fat intake.
– Dishwasher safe frying basket for easy clean up.
– Enjoy your favorite flavorful foods while reducing your fat intake.


The Bella 2.6 Quart Air Convection Fryer is an excellent choice if you’re looking to make fried food, but be aware that the pans are not sturdy so they can bend easily!

#2. COSORI CS158-AF Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8 QT

COSORI CS158-AF Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8 QT
COSORI CS158-AF Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8 QT

Brand: Cosori

Model: VIPRB-CS158-AF

COSORI’s first smart wifi air fryer is perfect for people who love cooking and want healthier options on the fly. With an Alexa or Google Assistant skill, you can have your favorite recipes at hand without having to search through complicated instructions! The device also comes with 13 different functions including keep warm/preheat as well as shaking before starting so there are no worries about getting burned while trying new flavors in this revolutionary kitchen appliance from Cosprio that works great whether it’s just us two living together or if we plan on feeding our family of eight over thanksgiving dinner every year after borrowing one too many gadgets last minute

With a 5.8-quart capacity, the COSORI VeSync Pro Smart Air Fryer is perfect for your kitchen at home! The smart capabilities allow you to remotely adjust settings and monitor meals from anywhere in the world without leaving behind an oversauced meal or one with burnt food odors – all while still being able cook delicious food using only fresh ingredients that are matched perfectly by this amazing appliance’s digital thermostat system which helps maintain consistency throughout cooking times so they never get too long nor short.

With 3 ways of controlling it–from directly on screen through VeSync app; remotely using Google Assistant or Alexa (for those who prefer their gadgets), as well as sound-activated mode via an integrated microphone – there’s no limit what kind dish will be ready in minutes!

COSORI’s Smart WiFi Air Fryer is a great choice for family and friends who love to cook, but want an easy way out when it comes time. With over 100 recipes on hand with detailed steps that can be followed in the VeSync app without any need of instruction manual or videos from CosaRi themselves this air fryer will have you cooking like nobody else!

When you’re craving that perfect fried food, but don’t want the unhealthy fat-filled calories or chemicals that come along with deep frying at home (and lungs), give COSORI a try. With recipes for la mian noodles and dumplings as well as other dishes like tempura vegetables crane hot pot somen; enjoy up to 85% less oil without sacrificing any crispy textures!

It’s the newest technology in food prepping, cooking and storing. You can manage recipes from anywhere— monitor what you are making with this app on your phone or tablet! This cool little appliance also has an internal oven so it will be ready when dinner time comes around again
It’s just like having two appliances for one low price which makes cleaning up after dinner easy peasy lemon squeezy because they both have their own designated workspace where only these specific tasks need done at all times – no more shoving everything into each other while juggling cups of coffee as well trying not drop kicking over

The COSORI Large Capacity: Cook enough food for up to 4 people or an entire 5-pound rotisserie chicken in the roomy 5.8 qt square basket! If you’re looking for even more spice, try finding some accessories and replacement baskets on our website so that your next meal is just as tasty at home with only one appliance needed per person instead of two like before

The large capacity cooking system from Cuisinart allows ample space inside its dishwasher safe housing which means there’s plenty of room left over when making larger meals such as whole chickens cut into usable pieces–or any other type meat/poultry product requiring extra volume due lack of space in the average air fryer.

COSORI has created a new, easy way to clean your dishwasher. You won’t have any more trouble when you use these baskets in the future! They are removable and can be put through many cycles without getting dirty or losing their shape – making them great for busy people on-the go who don’t always have time set aside just for washing dishes by hand PFOA Free & BPA Free.

The COSORI Air Fryer has a 2.4GHz WiFi network that makes it possible for users to control their cooking activities from anywhere in the world with just an app, no matter how far away you are! With temperature range of 170°–400 °F (77-205 Celsius), this smart appliance will be sure not only make delicious food but also keep us healthy while doing so.


The Air Fryer is a new kitchen appliance because it gives helpful reminders and has settings for cooking different foods.

This air fryer is high quality, easy to use and has many recipes.

This appliance has a special feature that turns on halfway through the cooking cycle to shake and heat food.

This fryer has 10 preset cooking times, and recommends using preheat to make food crispy. The appliance has 3 pages of presets and a preheat button that improves the texture of food.

This chicken dish was easy to prepare and clean up, saving time.


This air fryer is the right size for someone with limited counter space.

The unlock slide type button is not smooth.

#3. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer with Light, Silver is a great choice for those who love to cook and don’t want the hassle of an old fashioned oven. This convection oven not only bakes but also broils as well!

The Cuisinair TOA 60 has everything from baking breads or cakes to cooking meats in style without ever having open flames near them. With 1800 watts airflow paired alongside 7 functions including air fry technology this appliance will have your kitchen up and running fast too so you can spend more time eating what’s on offer rather than going through long prepping sessions before starting dinner.

Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broilers Air Fryer
Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broilers Air Fryer

The Cuisinart TOA60 toaster oven/ air fryer will make your food tastier and crispier than a traditional oven ever could.
Combine the heated air with powerful convection cooking for a perfectly crispy toast, pizza crust, or French fries. This toaster oven is also compact enough so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space in your kitchen – making room for bigger appliances like refrigerators! This stylish silver product has an already assembled size of 15 ½ x 16 ¼ x 14 inches and comes in at just over 20 pounds. It is very easy to use as well! Take home this state-of-the-art appliance today just by clicking “add to cart”
-Weight: 32 pounds

An expertly designed exterior, A Cuisinart broiler oven is compact yet spacious. The stylish look has a 0.6 cubic foot interior that allows for plenty of cooking space! It also includes a 60-minute timer and auto shutoff features to help you multitask with ease. Not only able to bake your favorite dishes but the convection bake feature will have them ready quick! Or if baking doesn’t fit your need—the Cuisinart Air Fryer provides all the taste without the added calories or fats! Plus it can cook up 4 pounds of food at once so everyone can enjoy some fresh cooked meals this week.

-Useful for professionals and home cooks alike, the Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broilers Air Fryer has a professional broiler function along with an integrated air fryer to make healthier cooking options possible for anyone—including fried chicken! This product is perfect for frying up anything from meats like bacon or eggs, to baked goods such as muffins or cupcakes.

The Cuisinart Toaster Oven Broilers Air Fryer is a modern, powerful machine that can fry anything with a teaspoon of oil. Want to make chicken? Simply insert the chicken in the rack and let it cook for about 25 minutes. Finish your cooking routine without any added oils by baking, roasting, broiling, or defrosting your favorite foods!


Standard benefits:
– Cook healthier food in a snap.
– Save time and money with the best air fryer on the market.
Emotional benefits:
– Make your favorite foods healthier than ever before.
– Enjoy cooking without using any oils or fats


The crum tray for this oven will fall out if you move it around.

The oven is great but You have to reduce the temperature for it to cook everything properly.

#4. Gourmia 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer with Guided Cooking, Easy Clean

The Gourmia Digital Air Fryer is the perfect solution for those with families or lots of mouths to feed. Using technology that’s comparable to a convection oven, this product cooks evenly and thoroughly, making it great for frying up batches of buffalo wings or family dinner. It can be used as an air fryer too, without any oil needed! The grill is also removable so everything can be cooked uniformly in one place.
Digital Guided Cooking – We have included 11 pre-programmed settings with suggested amounts of time per item which are set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit / 176 degrees Celsius / Gas Mark 3. You simply choose what you would like to cook then wait while your food cooks automatically until done *Grill Grill Plate Removable

Gourmia 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer with Guided Cooking, Easy Clean
Gourmia 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer with Guided Cooking, Easy Clean

The Gourmia 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer with Guided Cooking is the best way to cook chicken, french fries and any other of your favorite fried foods without frying fat. With a touch of a button, you’ll find that cooking nutritious food has never been easier! Simply preheat the fryer to 400°F (204°C) and add in your ingredients. Then using our unique digital dials adjust for Crisp/Light/Medium/Heavy or Bake for desired dish settings (breaded products). Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 15.1 x 13.6 x 13.3 inches
Maintaining consistent heat ensures perfectly flavored and healthy dishes every time. What’s more, its easy cleanup makes it perfect for family dinners – even frittatas can be prepared in it!

The Gourmia 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer with Guided Cooking, Easy Clean makes it easy to forget about frying. FryForce 360° Technology cooks with powerful circulating heated air instead of oil, eliminating up to 80% of fat. This revolutionary fryer features 12 one-touch cooking functions including seafood, vegetables, bacon, egg rolls and more for an endless variety of choices that are both healthy and delicious. The bright touchscreen is angled so you can adjust settings on the fly with ease while the optional preheat helps this appliance get started faster. But don’t forget all the help it gives! Nonstick aluminum has a Teflon coating for easy food release while infrared technology turns hard or undercooked edges into crispy perfection without browning

The Gourmia 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer with Guided Cooking, Easy Clean comes with a variety of functions to enhance your cooking experience. It has the ability to hiss when it is ready for use, let you know when its finished cooking with an audible sound so you can be sure that its at the perfect level of deliciousness every time. This oven also features guided instructions for different types of cuisine so even novice chefs can enjoy their hitime in the kitchen!


This is a perfect size for larger meals to feed family of 4, or even up to 6.

The product is easy to use, cooks fast and has simple recipes in the cook book.

The instant pot is easy to use and will save you time in the kitchen.


The machine itself is good, but the instructions are not detailed enough.

There is a slit on the basket of this air fryer which allows hot air to flow through, but when water was left in it for too long, some overflowed onto the floor.

#5. Instant Vortex Plus 6-In-1 Air Fryer

Introducing the Instant Vortex Plus 6-in1 Air Fryer! This revolutionary appliance has a large nonstick basket, it can cook up to six items at once with four customizable smart cooking programs and offers digital touch screens. The unit is made out of durable materials that will withstand heavy duty use in your kitchen every day

Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer
Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer


IThe Instant Vortex Plus 6-in a 1 Air Fryer is an appliance that can do it all! It has been designed to make your life easier by having one device for every cooking need. Whether you want quick and easy meals, or something more intricate like fried chicken nuggets on demand – this little beauty will get the job done with ease. It has six different functions including frying, broiling and roasting but also includes dehydrating for healthy food preservation – all in one appliance!

You can now have your own one-touch cooking program with just the push of a button. These customizable recipes are great for making quick meals like chicken wings, roasted veggies and cinnamon buns!

We all have that pesky craving for French fries, but deep-frying isn’t really a sustainable or typical way of going about it. The new Instant Air Fryer from Even Crisp Technology aims to deliver on those traditional crunchy snacks with 95% less oil! You can even control how crispy you want them by choosing one out five options ranging from “lightly fried” through “very crisp.”

The Instant Air Fryer lets you enjoy a healthy and delicious meal in minutes. It includes an easy clean-up, nonstick basket that is dishwasher safe for quick cleanup after use or storage on top of your cooking appliance!

It’s easy to use and allows you, the cook (or whatever your household), makes healthier food choices without spending hours over an oven or frying pan! The Instant Air Fryer has a fast preheating process with temperatures ranging from 95° all the way up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit making this kitchen necessity one of those life savers we can’t live without anymore as they save tons on energy costs alone while also cutting down how much time needed in cooking our meals because now there’s not even any need for oil at home unless wanted extra crispy bacon bits 😉

The Instant Air Fryer is the perfect size for families and entertaining alike. With enough space to cook side dishes or appetizers, this appliance will quickly become one of your go-to kitchen gadgets! The stainless steel accents add style while also providing a sleek look you can appreciate in any home without taking up too much countertop real estate thanks to its compact design – making it easy access at all times when cooking becomes necessary
The safety features built into every model ensure that hot food won’t burn anyone’s hands with their handy Overheat Protection feature which turns off power if things heated inside reach dangerous levels so no need worry about getting scalded by reaching in after boiling pasta just set timer.


The Air Fryer’s controls are easy to use and include a rotary for time and temperature.

This device can be used to cook food without an oven.

This fryer is easy to use, cooks food well and can be stored easily.

A fryer eliminates the hassle of frying and makes it a quick process.

This product is dishwasher safe and oven-safe up to 450F.


The deep fryer is not suitable for cooking chicken. The deep fryer is not suitable for cooking it because of its small capacity and lack in temperature regulation features that can overcook or undercook food items by accidently setting them at too high an internal temperature levels while frying up some tasty treats like French fries!

#6. Air Fryer XL by Cozyna (5.8QT)


Cozyna Air Fryers
Cozyna Air Fryers

The Cozyna Air fryer is perfect for anyone that wants the health benefits of fried food without all the fat. With a 5.8qt capacity, it can cook up to 50 different recipes with ease! The durable stainless steel housing ensures even heat distribution and fast cooking time using convection airflow technology – no more morning headaches from unevenly cooked vegetables or waffles dotting their surface like an oil slick here Sea World during Splash Mountain’s opening hours…

Now Cozyna has introduced their Air Fryer XL which holds 50% more capacity so even though its small size may fool some people into thinking otherwise -it packs quite nicely as well(5 qts!). Simply place food inside

Now you can cook for the whole family with Cozyna’s Air Fryer XL. With 50% more capacity than our original model, this deep fryer has enough space to hold 5.8 QT of food and is perfect if your kitchen counter doesn’t have room at its current height!
In addition it features a removable baskets that makes cleaning easy as well as an adjustable thermostat from 180F -375F so all types or foods will be cooked perfectly every time without compromising taste due low fat levels

The Cozyna XL Airfryer is the healthiest alternative to deep frying as it only requires a tablespoon of oil or less! This means, on average, you will consume 70% less fat while still enjoying all your favorite fried foods.

The Cozyna XL Airfryer is the healthiest alternative to deep frying as it only requires a tablespoon of oil or less! This means, on average, you will consume 70% less fat while still enjoying all your favorite fried foods.

The Cozyna Air Fryer XL multi cooker is essentially a fryer, oven and grill all in one. Now you can easily cook your favorite foods with this single cooking machine using versatile functions like frying or baking as needed for each dish – without having to do any extra work; just set it once then walk away until dinner time has arrived (and no more worries about burning food).

Breathtakingly delicious food is just a few clicks away. The Cozyna Air Cooker XL allows for hassle-free cooking that will have you in awe of its easy to use features, with an unbeatable 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The Cozyna deep fryer has 50 delicious recipes for your next party! Whether you’re having an extravagant seafood dinner or just looking to satisfy that sweet tooth, this kitchen appliance will help make sure everyone leaves feeling satisfied. Not only does it come with two books of different types (a hardcover edition and electronic version), but all ingredients required are included in case there’s anything missing on hand at home already so nothing needs running back out during cooking time–which saves money too because who likes paying extra fees when they have more than enough cash laying around anyway???

The cookbook comes complete with dozens upon generations’ worth if yummy food ideas ranging form classics like French fries & fried chicken right up some exotic dishes such as Thai

– Cooks up to 3x faster than an oven.
– Uses 70% less oil than a conventional fryer.
– Your family will love the healthier alternative.
– You’ll never have to worry about cooking too much food again


Cozyna Air Fryers are the perfect appliance for small families. They’re also great in large households where everyone can enjoy crispy, crunchy food without deep-frying it themselves!

#7. Instant Vortex Plus 10QT 7-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven

Ready to tantalize your taste buds with some delectable dishes? Let the Instant Vortex 10 Quart Airfryer oven help make it happen. Because of its 3-in-1 cooking functions, you can fry, roast or bake anything! With this ovens exclusive swirl technology, 11 digital touch controls and other modern features like an instant preset timer; it is scientifically proven that food will come out crispier because of the patented scientific blades that create a mini tornado inside the fryer. Forget about bad frying smells wafting into your home too -thanks to its 90PPM self filtering system, any oil residue on walls are completely removed! Forget about needing towels every time you store food away too – with the Digital Touch Control. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 13,23 x 13,23 x 14,37 inch

Instant Vortex Plus 10QT 7-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven
Instant Vortex Plus 10QT 7-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven

A revolutionary new appliance that renders deep-frying and its weight in dangers a thing of the past. Air fryers are not just for people who love fried foods but also anyone looking to get that crispy crust without all of frying’s usual pitfalls, including messes, added fat, diminished flavor, and undercooked food.

This 10QT 7-in-1 digital air fryer oven operates two times faster than conventional cooking methods while still trapping juicy moisture inside the crispy coating without adding any excess grease or oil. The many options include grilling steak, oven baking pizza or potatoes for healthier side dishes, dehydrating fruit snacks for kids on the go…or crisp up some veggie chips so your family can enjoy something salty with

The Instant Vortex Plus 10QT 7-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven blends modern technology with classic conveniences, making it a staple in any kitchen. Incorporating the latest smart performance features and streamlined intuitive controls, the ease of this oven makes cooking an easy task for anyone! The circular touch keypad can be found on both sides to accommodate either left handed or right handed cooks. Additionally, customers will appreciate that there’s no need to scroll or navigate through texts or numbers when searching for favorite dishes; simply use the searingly quick speed dials found on either side to rapidly find your desired recipe!


– Cooks food up to 60% faster than a traditional oven.
– Cooks healthier meals without all the grease and oil.
– The best way to cook your favorite foods and never feel guilty about it again.

– Cooks food faster, cleaner, and healthier.
– Easier to use than a deep fryer.

The microwave saves a lot of time and is great for cooks.


Instant Vortex Plus 10QT 7-in1 Digital Air Fryer Oven
The one down side is that when using more than 1 tray, it takes up a lot of time. But with this appliance you can make all your favorite fried food at once!

#8. GoWISE USA GW22954 7-Quart Electric Air Fryer

Shop for the perfect fry, roast, grill and bake, with the help of this GoWISE USA GW22954 7-Quart Electric Air Fryer with Dehydrator& 3 Stackable Racks, Digital Touchscreen with 8 Functions + Recipes. This countertop appliance from one of America’s leading suppliers offers a plethora of amazing features ideal for seasonal chefs! Including a digital touchscreen that allows you to input recipes in a matter or minutes–so no more endless trial and error when it comes to cooking up your favorite dishes! A sleek design makes it perfect for any eat-in kitchen. Saving time is another advantage of choosing an air fryer! Allowing meals to be prepared in less than 10 minutes each making meal prep time stress free

GoWISE USA GW22954 7-Quart Electric Air Fryer
GoWISE USA GW22954 7-Quart Electric Air Fryer

You have a huge family? You’re the go-to person for parties and snacks? The GoWISE USA GW22954 7-Quart electric air fryer is perfect for you. This extra-large air fryer has enough room to cook up to 7 quarts of food at once, so now you can have whole chickens or 4-5 burgers with just a touch of a button without heating up the house. With 8 cooking functions plus an automatic timer, as well as 5 temperature settings, this tool makes it easier than ever to make anything from chicken nuggets to fries–all in one appliance!
Save space and time with this professional kitchen essential!

GoWISE USA’s Air Fryer is perfect for cooking and holding food without greasing. The extended timer up to 60 minutes and a wide temperature range from 180°f to 400°f will allow you to cook anything, anytime! Get the desired temperature, time, and even less oil with this durable Air Fryer!

With a built-in dehydrate function that goes from 90°F to 170°F and a timer from 2-24 hours, the air fryer turns out oven-finished, juicier food with an easier cleanup. It comes with a nonstick cooking pan and crisper for even browning before being transferred to the rack, so you can cook up more servings of dried fruits or veggies plus yield your own batches of beef jerky anywhere at home. Even better: GoWISE has slashed the price on this multi-tasker because it’s made to last!

Make sumptuous yet healthy dishes with GoWISE Electric Air Fryer. It is built-in dehydrate function enables you to prepare all of your vegan recipes, dried fruit, veggies, beef jerky and herbs in your own kitchen. Easy cooking then easy cleanup with this air fryer that features a removable pan and crisper tray coated with PFOA-free nonstick material. The 10″ x 9.5″ x 4″ extra large cooking space ensures everything will cook at the same time!

The GoWISE USA GW22954 Electric Air Fryer is a must-have for your kitchen. With the digital keypad and preset timer that automatically shuts off, this air fryer makes cooking healthier and easier than ever before! This unit has 1.7 liters of capacity and includes a rack with handles for easy use. The nonstick surface makes cleaning up quick and easy! All you have to do is wipe it down or simply put it in the dishwasher, saving both time and energy. Product specifications: 14”H x 11.75” D x 11.75” W, 1700W 120V Ac., UL listed, FDA compliant
-The electronic touch control panel
-1 year


– Make delicious fried food without all the oil
– Cook healthier meals for your family
– Prepare crispy, hot, and juicy foods in minutes
– Enjoy an easy cleanup with removable parts that are dishwasher safe
– Fry up chicken wings with less than 1 tablespoon of oil. – Air fryer cooks healthier meals by reducing fat content in fried food.


The GoWISE USA GW22954 7-Quart Electric Air Fryer is a sleek black box with large digital numbers that are difficult to read. The display screen on this appliance also has dark blue borders around it, making the whole interface feel more intense in comparison!

#9. Dash DCAF200GBWH02 Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker with Temperature Control

With this Dash DCAF200GBWH02 Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker with Temperature Control, Non Stick Fry Basket, Recipe Guide + Auto Shut Off Feature, 2.6Qt. you can make crispy fried food that is healthier for your family without all the oil! For amazing cooking results it has temperature control to regulate heat levels and a nonstick fry basket so there are no worries about peeling the fries when they are done frying. The oven cooker has an auto shut off feature in case of accident leaving your car smelling like grease!
Product description: No wanty fatty oils here friendos! Get crispier fried foods quicker than ever before with this ultra slim ultra intelligent electric air

With adjustable temperature control settings that range from 150°F all the way up to 400°F the DASH AIR FRYER let’s you customize how crispy your finished dish will be. The nonstick coating keeps food from sticking while cooking so cleanup is always quick and easy! There are seven automatic safety features including an automatic shut-off when the basket is not engaged, ensuring your safety when using this product.

The Dash DCAF200GBWH02 Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer replaces cooking with hot air instead of oil for reduced fat without sacrificing flavor. Simply adjust the dial for optimal foodcrisping (up to 30 minutes) and enjoy taste like never before!

The Tasti-Crisp Air Fryer removes up to 99% of the fat, calories and grease from frying compared to traditional fryers. A large capacity allows you to have a crispy snack or family-sized meal on demand with a few doses of your favorite herbs and spices without compromising time or taste!”

Features : 2 meals at once using this single electric device!


✔ Compact design makes it perfect for tight spaces
✔ Reduced fats, calories and grease by as much as 98%
✔ Recipe guide has more than 100 quick recipes that are made healthier

– No oil needed for cooking
– Healthy alternative to deep frying
– Taste the difference in your favorite fried foods.
– Cook up a healthy meal with no guilt.


It would be difficult to see the colors when I hit “show color” because of all of that darkness in my room.

#10. Philips Airfryer with Turbostar, HD9621/96

The Philips Airfryer with Turbostar, HD9621/96 is a great option for those who need an oven that can cook two different dishes at once. It’s got all of the energy efficiency you could ask for in your kitchen appliance! This product has dimensions 365x266x292 mm so it won’t take up much space on counterstops either–especially considering how heavy-duty this machine feels when picked up by hand (5.3 kg).

Philips Airfryer with Turbostar, HD9621/96
Philips Airfryer with Turbostar, HD9621/96

You can easily fry a turkey with the Philips Airfryer, just set your settings and push start. This appliance has an 800W power source that ensures even cooking time so you will never have dry or burnt food again! It also heats up fast (in about 22 minutes) as well as being durable; it’s made from stainless steel which makes maintenance easier than other materials such as aluminum cookware
The weight may seem like too much at first glance but once we take into account its durability–and considering how many people use their kitchen appliances daily-they’ll be happy they didn’t let go of this product anytime soon

For your next fry up, instead of using a deep fryer that leaves them high-fat and heavy with icky post-fry smells, see how Philips Viva Collection Airfryer can help you get just the right amount of crunch in fries and chicken with 25% less oil than normally used. 3 preset cooking modes: Frying mode for perfect fried food, Grilling mode for tender meats and vegetables, Roasting mode for moist oven dishes, and 1 unique addition: Cake mode for great homemade cakes. Philips Viva Collection HD9647/79, Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology, 1.2 L, Black

Unique TurboStar technology achieves up to 50% more homogenous end results for a healthier lifestyle while satisfying our craving for fried foods. You don’t have to preheat an air fryer before use which saves electricity and frees up stove space–now, what can be better?Quick microwave-like cooking technology. Tender on the inside, crisp on the outside results – no pre heating necessary, 200 recipe book included that spans from light treats such as Belgian waffles or grilled cheese sandwich

The Philips Airfryer with Turbostar, HD9621/96 is easy to clean in 90 seconds or less. It has a detachable dishwasher safe parts and the universal EasyClick handle makes it quick and easy to change between different attachments for frying, baking, grilled, roasting your favorite cuisines at home! The spacious 0.8kg capacity means you can cook more food faster while its 20% compacter size saves on cupboard space too.

The Philips Airfryer provides up to 30 minutes of continuous cooking time so you can cook healthier foods more quickly. Features include a cool wall exterior, dishwasher-safe surfaces, non-slip feet, electronic on/off switch with automatic shut off for added safety.
It also comes equipped with turbo star technology that uses air heating systems to fry food without adding any oil or fat! Cooking fries has never been easier than this! Also includes cord storage and power-on light that indicates when the unit is on.
Ready signal alerts you when the timer is up! Includes recipe book and app for even more convenience.

Prepare restaurant-quality fries and tasty chicken with the Philips Airfryer with Turbostar. The secret to the exceptional taste that this fryer delivers is, apart from its powerful technology, its fan which moves hot air into smaller spaces such as between two layers of chips. With a capacity of 0.8 kg and high power (1425 W) it cooks food more quickly than conventional methods achieving both crispy results on the outside and tender ones inside without burning or cooling down. Equipped with a digital timer for precise control and automatic shutdown function if overheating happens, now there is no need to worry about frying up those delicious foods anymore!


– Product benefits: faster cooking time; less oil needed; plenty of health benefits- Higher quality food.
– Faster cooking time.
– Easier cleanup.
– Satisfying your appetite with delicious, healthy dishes in less time.


The Philips Airfryer with Turbostar, HD9621/96 is a delicious and convenient way to make meals for two. The chicken wings came out perfect but the machine itself can be heavy as well as short on cables if you’re looking at using it in an apartment complex or hotel room without access nearby outlets!

#11. Ninja 5.5-Quart Air Fryer Max Xl

The Ninja 5.5-Quart Air Fryer is the newest addition to your kitchen arsenal! It’s impressive features like its wide temperature range, capacity of up to five and half quarts (or 14 lbs), programmable functions that allow you decide how long they want their food cooked for–from 30 minutes all way past overnight—and dishwasher safe parts make this appliance worth every penny.

Ninja 5.5-Quart Air Fryer Max Xl
Ninja 5.5-Quart Air Fryer Max Xl

If you’re looking for the best air fryer to buy, this Ninja 5.5-Quart Air Fryer Max Xl would be it! It features wide temperature range of105 – 450 degrees along with programmable cooking functions that will make your food taste better than ever before. The product dimensions are 14 L x 11 W x 14 H in size too making sure every dish is perfect no matter what kind of cuisine or occasion its being served at any given time during meal prep/preparation process

The wide temperature range spans from105 -450 degrees Fahrenheit so you’ll never have trouble finding an alternative heating source for anything from frozen Wendy’s wings, taquitos made out of tortillas with cheese cooked in them (they’re also good just wrapped up into a taco), pita chips dipped intolittle marinara sauce then topped off by some shredded cheddar cheese over top—it tastes just asgood if not better thananything deep friedand there isn’t any greasy residue left behind either
Equipped with a 1,750 watt heating element and 1750 watts of power for effective cooking performance that can be efficiently controlled using an app on your phone or tablet device so you don’t have do any work by hand. The unit also includes two preprogrammed functions: “Fry”and “Warm”which are both easy enough even if it’s just relying upon touch screen technology; plus there’s no need use oil because this machine has been designed without unnecessary holes which means absolutely NO spattering when preparing food items such as French fries, chicken breasts etc… With all its

The Ninja 5.5-Quart Air Fryer lets you enjoy guilt-free fried food with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods (tested against hand cut, deep fried French fries) and a superheated air flow that will cook your meal in minutes! The included broiling rack gives meals or sides an amazing crispy layer on top for bubbly finish at any temperature settings including Max Crisp Technology which delivers 450 degrees Fahrenheit of heat ensuring even crispiness across all surfaces while Air Roast functions perfectly for cooking fish filets evenly without drying them out too much using little salt as needed plus Bake allows users control over precise temperatures so they get their desired results every time. Ceramic plate supports 3 lbs of chicken wings or french fries for broiling on top while functions include: Max Crisp Technology Hotter more flavorful final product Crisp, Fried Food Capacity 3 pounds of wings or fries

– Enjoy guilt-free fried food.
– Air fry with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods (tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries)
– Cook healthier meals for your family.
– Get a crispy and bubbly finish on all of your favorite foods


Product Size Temperature range Capacity Wattage
#1. BELLA (14752) 2.6 Quart Air Fryer 10.34 x 13.07 x 12.89 inches 175°F – 400°F  2.46 Liters 1500W
#2. COSORI CS158-AF Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8 QT 11.8 x 14.3 x 12.7 inches 170°–400°F 5.8 Quarts 1700W.
#3. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer 15.5 x 16 x 14 inches 450 ° F 4lb 1800W
#4. Gourmia 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer with Guided Cooking, Easy Clean 15.1 x 13.6 x 13.3 inches 90°F – 400°F 6 Quarts 1000 W
#5. Instant Vortex Plus 6-In-1 Air Fryer 14.92 x 12.36 x 12.83 inches 95°F – 400° F.

6 Quart

#6. Air Fryer XL by Cozyna (5.8QT) 14 x 14 x 16 inches 400° F  5.5 Liters 1700 Watts
#7. Instant Vortex Plus 10QT 7-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven 13.23 x 13.23 x 14.37 inches 95°F – 400° F. 10 Quarts 1500 Watts
#8. GoWISE USA GW22954 7-Quart Electric Air Fryer
#9. Dash DCAF200GBWH02 Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker with Temperature Control
#10. Philips Airfryer with Turbostar, HD9621/96
#11. Ninja 5.5-Quart Air Fryer Max Xl
#12. Farberware 3.2 Quart Oil-Less Multi-Functional Air Fryer
#13. Gourmia 4-Quart Digital Air Fryer with Guided Cooking

No. An air fryer is a type of convection oven that uses heated circulating air technology to cook food quickly with no oil. So it’s possible to cook greasy foods such as french fries without adding any fat or oils. Of course, if using oil would prevent sticking and promote faster cooking, then by all means keep on cooking those potatoes in your favourite frying pan!

– Who makes the best air fryer oven?

It’s difficult to say that one brand is the best in this category. Air fryers by definition are designed with a heating element and heat convection system, and therefore cannot be used in the oven. Keep reading for questions about how an air-fryer works!

There are many brands of air fryer ovens on the market. All modern appliances (with a fan) cook food by capturing heated air and circulating it around hot coils at the top of the appliance. The aim is for this energy to pass over volumes of chilled metal; when these surfaces become heated they release energy, which is transferred downwards into a cooking chamber below where meat or vegetables located on a rotating grid slowly cooks.

Which is best air fryer or oven?

The air fryer is best for people who love fried food but don’t want the drawback of added calories and fat. Plus, you can use an air fryer to make healthier grilled vegetables and fruit slices! As for ovens, they’re more versatile than the air fryer because you can reheat leftover food in them. The downside is that they come with a higher risk of burning yourself on hot surfaces, which an air fryer doesn’t have. Definitely stay away from the microwave if you’re trying to eat healthier or lose weight though – it destroys most nutrients and costs a lot of energy for a very little bit done! Microwaves are mostly only useful if there’s not enough time to properly do something else…

Does air fryer cause cancer?

The only reported health risk from air fryers is that they generate a significant amount of ozone, which can cause chronic respiratory problems for those with compromised lungs.

The only reported health risk from air fryers is that they generate a significant amount of ozone, which can cause chronic respiratory problems for those with compromised lungs. Ozone levels around most affordable models are currently believed to be too small to pose a serious threat. In fact, the most common household pollutants including benzene and formaldehyde emit higher rates of harmful toxins than any typical household air fryer could possibly produce.

Are air fryers dangerous?

Air fryers are a convenient way to cook without the mess and stink of cooking in hot oil.

Do air fryers smoke?

Air fryers do not smoke because they use air to cook food, rather than oil.

Aeration of the hot cooking air is combined with a gentle convection pattern, using very little additional heat to achieve an even cooking temperature inside the cavity and thus uniform and flavourful results. This combination is why air frying achieves such good results: better taste and lower fat levels than deep frying. Plus it takes up far less room on your countertop!

Are air fryers allowed in dorms?

Air fryers are allowed in dorms as long as they do not create any kind of fire hazard.

Air Fryer is a relatively new appliance and may not be well understood by current dorm security rules. If the student’s air fryer is compliant with all safety laws, then there should be no problem adding it to their college supplies list for this coming semester!

Is air fryer healthier than oven?

Although Air Fryers may cook some dishes up to 70% faster than traditional home ovens, many food experts say you’ll get the best flavor if you cook them the slow way. What’s interesting about an air fryer is that it uses infrared (I-R) technology rather than convection like a regular oven does. This means all of the energy from inside goes into heating up your meal without any of it going into making annoying, expensive hot air; in other words, no wasted space and no dry or overcooked portions because there are no cold spots.

Does air fryer add calories?

Absolutely not. Air fryers create heat by rapidly circulating hot air in a closed space. Since the food is cooking in this warm streaming air, it doesn’t absorb any oil, so there are no added calories. That crispy chicken? Probably came out of the oven! They’re actually very useful for people on carbohydrate-controlled diets because they can enjoy their favorite foods with much less effect on carbohydrate intake.

Can air fryer replace microwave?

Yes, because microwaves work by agitating water molecules starting from the outside and getting to the inside of the food. In an air fryer, hot oil circulates around your food without washing off any flavors or burning them away.

It might be hard to replace that microwave in a dorm room or small apartment, but for average households I would definitely recommend picking up an air fryer! It doesn’t use much electricity and it won’t heat up the house like a regular stove would, plus you don’t have to wait 2-3 minutes while your dinner is cooking! You can easily cook 20 potatoes at once while watching Netflix–perfecting for people who live alone or have teenagers with not enough time between studying and extrac

Can air fryer replace toaster oven?

Air fryers can replace toaster ovens as they have a capacity of about one pound instead of just a couple slices as most toaster ovens do. They will also save on your energy bill as they don’t require an external heat source. Air fryers are capable of cooking many things from frozen pizza’s, frozen homemade pot pies, frozen french fries or chips, not to mention that you can cook other items too like roasted turkey breast or roast beef, crispy fried chicken wings and more – all without the high-fat connotations associated with conventional frying. That said, I think it would be best to use air fryers for things like fries or something where it really matters if you get nice crunchy texture on them.

Can air fryer be used as dehydrator?

Air fryers can be used as dehydrators in some cases, for example in the case of drying out foods with an extremely high water content like grapes.

The only food I’ve ever seen air-fried is popcorn. Yes, you can air-fry virtually any type of food except for anything with cream or cheese.

When did air fryers get popular?

Air fryers are very popular now, but they have been around for a while. If you want to know more about the history of air fryers, you can visit here

The popularity really began with George Foreman grills and pans which do a decent job of cooking food by circulating heat from a heated metal surface area. This is why the grill gets so hot on top too, it’s because it is being used as an air-fryer.
In recent years air cookers have been marketed as better than deep frying because they use less oil and don’t cause so much excess water lipid to be produced in fried foods.
● The popularity of these appliances has grown since then through cultural diffusion, with imitation

Will air fryer burn countertop?

It will burn your countertop unless you buy a special mat for your air fryer that’s safe to use on the stove top. You cannot just put it directly on the counter or tabletop.

There are a few tricks, but they’ll depend a lot on what kind of a cooker you have and its power rating. One approach is to place a pot with water in it under your cooking appliance so that when steam from boiling water becomes heated by hot coils under them, it condenses back into water droplets – keeping moisture trapped near the surface of the appliance and out of itself. And another option is to use asbestos tile-baking sheets underneath so wet foods do not drip onto an electric coil or burner below.

Is air fryer an oven?

No it is not an oven. Air fryer uses hot air to cook things like French fries and other fried foods, while ovens cook with dry heat that comes from the heating element or gas flame.

Although they both use hot air, an oven has a vastly higher temperature than what an air fryer can produce, and uses dry heated air which just about always evaporates any fat and moisture before browning occurs. With regards to volume, you could think of the interior chamber for an electric oven as being similar to a room in size while the interior chamber for an air fryer may be comparable in volume to taking up space on one kitchen countertop.


As we’ve seen, the best air fryer will be one that fits your needs. In order to make sure you get a product that is top-of-the-line and offers everything you want from an air fryer, it’s important to do research before making any purchases. Make sure to read reviews of different products in this category so you can find what works for you! We hope these tips have been helpful when looking at our comprehensive list of the best air fryers on the market today.

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