Air Fryer Pizza Rolls – Excellent Guide For Newbies 2021

Pizza is a universal dish, and while we all have our favorite toppings and pizza places, the one thing everyone can agree on is that it’s delicious. But sometimes it’s not convenient to make a whole pie or order take-out.

That’s where these air fryer pizza rolls come in! They’re just as delicious as your favorite frozen pizzas but healthier and easier to prepare.

Just follow our recipe below to see how simple it really is to make your own batch of delicious homemade air fryer pizza rolls at home with Mosaiccafes.

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls Recipe

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls
Air Fryer Pizza Rolls


  • 1 can refrigerated pizza dough or 1 pound homemade pizza dough
  • 1 cup pizza sauce divided
  • 1 ½ cups mozzarella cheese shredded
  • ⅓ cup parmesan cheese shredded
  • ⅔ cup mini pepperoni or chopped pepperoni
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder


  1. Preheat the air fryer to 330°F.
  2. Roll pizza dough out to about 12″ x 8″. Spread ½ cup pizza sauce over top of the dough.
  3. Top with mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and mini pepperoni. Roll dough cinnamon roll style.
  4. Cut into 8 pieces and region withinside the air fryer (upload some greater pepperonis on pinnacle if desired). Pinch the lowest of every roll a bit to seal withinside the cheese.
  5. Bake for 11-14 mins or till pizza rolls are browned and cooked through.
  6. Serve with last pizza sauce for dipping.
Air Fryer Pizza Rolls
Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

Recipe Notes

Air Fryers can range so your pizza rolls may also want a couple of minutes extra or much less to cook through. Check them a bit early the primary time you’re making those to make sure they do not overcook.

If using ‘toppings’ which have lots of moisture together with mushrooms or pineapple, they need to be cooked and squeezed dry earlier than adding. Crisp veggies (together with peppers and onions) are nice pre-cooked.


  • Calories: 254
  • Carbohydrates: 26g
  • Protein: 12g
  • Fat: 11g
  • Saturated Fat: 5g
  • Trans Fat: 1g
  • Cholesterol: 29mg
  • Sodium: 878mg
  • Potassium: 150mg
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Sugar: 5g
  • Vitamin A: 307IU
  • Vitamin C: 2mg
  • Calcium: 162mg
  • Iron: 2mg

Why air fry pizza rolls?

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls
Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

It’s fast. One of the massive promoting factors of the usage of an air fryer, it is able to cook meals in under 10 mins.

Take those pizza rolls for example. If I baked them withinside the oven, they’d want about forty mins! Bonus? There is no preheating wished either (that cuts a complete 15 mins already!).

Healthy. Using an air fryer can lessen cooking fats and oils via means of as much as 90%. Many recipes don’t even want any oil at all!

Fuss free. All you do is upload the pizza rolls to the air fryer basket and fry away- That is it! No parchment paper, no tongs, nothing!

These air fryer pizza rolls are specific from the maximum out there. Instead of the usage of frozen packaged pizza rolls, we’ll be making them from scratch!

Now, don’t be intimidated by this- The pizza dough we use is a magic 2 aspect dough and doesn’t require any yeast whatsoever!

How to Serve Pizza Rolls

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls
Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

These pizza rolls may be served as a mild lunch, dinner or maybe a snack.

We want to serve them with a further dish of heat marinara or pizza sauce for dipping. But you can additionally attempt serving them with a cheese sauce, garlic dip, or truly serve them as they are.

They are scrumptious, each warm or bloodless which makes them best for clutch and cross lunches or to toss withinside the lunch containers for the kids.

Tips to make air fryer pizza rolls

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls
Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

For the sauce you could use pizza sauce or simple tomato sauce or your favourite pasta sauce.

You can upload a bit greater sauce in case you prefer, simply make certain you don’t over fill those so the sauce does now no longer ooze out as you roll them up.

Air fryer temperatures can range relying on the make and model, so it’s crucial to continually take a look at your meals for doneness.

Prep ahead and storage

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls
Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

Prep ahead – This is ideal for snacking etc, and making it earlier will come up with greater time to snack and play.

Store – shop them in an hermetic meal prep box inside the fridge for as much as four days.

Freeze – To shop withinside the freezer, simply observe those steps: Let cool and upload to a Ziploc bag. Don’t neglect to label the bundle with the contents, date, and cooking times.

Freeze for up to a few months. When you’re prepared to apply the area withinside the refrigerator to thaw for some hours.

Reheat – simply pop them lower back withinside the Air Fryer for 1-2 minutes.


Air Fryer Pizza Rolls
Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

Can those pizza rolls be stacked in the air fryer?

If you’ve got a rack for the air fryer, use that – if not, cook the pizza rolls in  batches if wished as they can’t be stacked at the same time as cooking.

How do I maintain them from getting soggy?

If you’ve waited too long to consume them, I propose placing them again in the air fryer for 1-2 mins to reheat them and crisp them again up.

What if I don’t have prepared to apply pizza dough?

In a pinch, you may use crescent roll dough. However, you’ll ought to modify how the pepperoni suits in the rolls. Alternatively, you may continually make your personal pizza dough!


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make pizza rolls, air fryers may be the answer. Air fryer pizza rolls give you perfect crispy crust with no mess in your kitchen.

What’s more is that they can cook faster than oven baked dough so there’s less wait time before eating them too!

Give these recipes a try next time you’re craving something fast and delicious – we know it will leave everyone happy at the table.

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