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The Air Fryer Instant Pot is an amazing machine that combines the functions of a pressure cooker, slow cooker and air fryer. We love all three cooking methods so combining them into one appliance was brilliant!

The best part of this product is the ability to cook healthy foods with little or no oil at all. This makes it easy to prepare delicious meals for my family without sacrificing on taste or healthiness.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your fat intake while still enjoying great tasting food then look no further than the Air Fryer Instant Pot.

It really does provide an excellent alternative to deep frying and has quickly become one of my favorite kitchen appliances!

Let’s read the article Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews by Mosaiccafes to have more useful information about this product!

Product Introduction Of Air Fryer Instant Pot


Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
  • Model Number: Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer Lid, 8 Qt
  • Brand Power: Instant Pot
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Black/Stainless Steel
  • Price: $179.95

Key Specs

Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

Size:8QT  |  Style:Duo Crisp

  • Capacity: 8 Qt
  • Item Weight: 22.18 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.76 x 13.58 x 15.28 inches
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts
  • Voltage: 110120 Volts
  • Country of Origin: China

Structure Of The Air Fryer Instant Pot 

Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

The Instant Pot Duo Crisp and Air Fryer will truly soak up a variety of area for your countertop – it comes with  separate lids and while outfitted with the air fry lid, it’s especially massive measuring 14.76 x 13.58 x 15.28 inches.

In addition to the cumbersome length and  lids, it comes with a dehydrating tray, air fry basket, multi-useful rack, and shielding pad, all of which I want to store.

It doesn’t include any accessories for steaming however those in conjunction with masses of different accessories are to be had to buy separately.

There are 11 cooking capabilities in total – with the usual lid outfitted, the Instant Pot can strain cook, sauté, gradual cook, steam, sous vide, and preserve warmth – all of which Instant Pot dubs a moist cooking method.

Alternatively, transfer to the air fryer lid to air fry, roast, bake, broil and dehydrate. It’s really well worth noting you may best choose a cooking feature if the corresponding lid is attached.

You can manually modify the temperature and cooking length using the buttons on both aspects of the LCD display.

The dry cook capabilities may be set to a temperature among 180 – 400oF /84C – 204oC and the moist cook capabilities provide Hi or Lo temperatures.

It doesn’t include a recipe book or cooking charts, those are all available at the website, plus there’s a free app available to download which includes over a thousand recipes in addition to suggestions and suggestions on settings.

So there’s lots of facts and recipes to be had to encourage you to get the maximum out of this multi-cooker, which is beneficial because it doesn’t have pre-programmed settings for unique dishes like a few different multi-cookers.

The chrome steel cooking pot has a massive 8-quart/ 8-litre capacity, it isn’t non-stick, however it’s dishwasher safe, as are all the accessories aside from the principal unit and the air fryer lid, so it’s smooth to keep clean.

Air Fryer Instant Pot Features

Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

No programs, lots of cooking

While different fashions of Instant Pots (and different electric powered strain cooker brands) have a couple of software buttons for such things as rice or poultry, this cooker removed them in favor of cooking mode buttons.

For strain cooking, the buttons are Pressure Cook, Sauté, Slow Cook, Steam, and Sous Vide. For air frying, the buttons are Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Broil, and De-Hydrate.

Universal controls for temperature and time use + and – buttons, and alongside the lowest of the controls are Delay Start, Cancel, Start, and Keep Warm.

Aside from the extraordinary spelling of “dehydrate,” I just like the cooking alternatives in this version over cooking packages for particular foods.

Brown rice and white rice don’t cook the same, and bird breasts aren’t similar to thighs, so I’d alternatively set the time and temperature myself. Still, a few chefs may pass over the benefit of urgent a single button to make stew.

What Can You Cook In The Air Fryer Instant Pot and What Is Capacity?

Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

The Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews is an ingenious new kitchen appliance. Air Fried recipes are healthy, without added oils and fats.

Air frying foods taste delicious while being healthy for your weight loss goals! The Air Fryer Instant Pot cooks quickly and uses less electricity than other air fryers.

Foods cook up crispy on the outside, moist on the inside in minutes & fat free! Air fried food is healthier because there’s no need to add tons of oil like deep frying requires.

Air fried food uses 70% less fat vs oven baked recipes. Foods cooked in an air fryer include fish, shellfish, vegetables (potatoes, onion rings), appetizers (vegetable spring rolls, chicken wings), meats (chicken, steak).

Air fried desserts include doughnuts, chocolate cookies with molten centers.

Air Fried recipes are healthier for you and delicious! Air Fryer Instant Pot cooks quickly without heating up your kitchen like an Air Conditioner would.

How To Use The Air Fryer Instant Pot

Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

11-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, pressure cook, slow cook, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, sterilizer and food warmer.

The Air Fryer Instant Pot is a kitchen appliance made with the best of many others to produce an Air Fryer and Pressure Cooker all in one. The Air Fryer also comes with two other features, Saute’ and Yogurt.

Enjoy this appliance for its ease of use or just get creative making new recipes that are guaranteed to be tasty.

Air Fryers have been around for quite some time but they are just now gaining popularity because of their ability to fry food without using oil at all!

Check out some Air Fried Recipes below to see what else you can Air Fry with this Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews.

– Air Fried French Fries

The Air Fryer is extremely easy to clean, just wipe it down or wash it if necessary. The Air Fryer requires an outlet so be sure you have one available before purchasing the product.

Included with the Air Fryer are two racks for cooking multiple items at once and a nonstick pan for use when Sauteing your ingredients.

There are only three buttons that come on the Air fryer which include Power, Start/Cancel and Plus/Minus making this appliance simple to use even for those who know nothing about cooking appliances .

It also comes equipped with an LED display panel for greater food safety because there will be no need to open the Air Fryer while it is Air frying.

When Air frying you can set a timer for your food to let you know when it’s done cooking. The Air Fryer has an Auto Shut-Off feature that will automatically turn off the appliance if not used within one hour time frame.

– Air Fried Nachos

The Air Fryer comes with 6 different trays so you can Air fry multiple items at once. This Air Fryer has received great reviews because of this ability so if you are looking to cook many foods at once, consider purchasing this product!

There’s no need to preheat or defrost your raw ingredients before air frying them so cleanup is easy and preparation takes less than 15 minutes in most cases which means dinner can be placed on the table in no time.

Air frying even makes cooking healthier and lets you enjoy delicious food without adding any oil or fat to your meals!

This Air Fryer weighs about 13 pounds so it isn’t too heavy to handle and can be placed in a cabinet when not in use for storage purposes.

– Air Fried Chicken Wings

The Air Fryer has great reviews because it is such an efficient appliance that cooks your food quickly, evenly and uses much less energy than other cooking methods.

There is no doubt that Air frying tastes better than deep frying which often leaves food soggy and greasy but Air fried food is crispy and crunchy just like deep fried foods with no greasiness at all!

Air Fried French Fries taste much better when Air Fried than when Deep Fried; the Air Fryer french fries taste like they were made in a fast food restaurant.

Air fryers work by circulating hot air all around your food and Air frying basically cooks from the inside out , this means you don’t have to worry about undercooked foods because Air fried Air Frying is much more efficient than deep frying which does not circulate heat evenly, leaving certain areas uncooked and wet.

Now that we know what an Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews is and how easy it is to use we can get started with some delicious Air Fried Recipes!


Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

The Duo Crisp basically works as both a strain cooker and an air fryer, and it’s honestly beneficial for making one-pot meals.

It can strain, cook an entire bird till smooth after which brown the pores and skin afterward, or warm up a small batch of frozen fries quicker than an oven.

And it’s higher designed than the only different strain cooker/air fryer we’ve examined, the Ninja Foodi.

After cooking an entire chicken atop a mattress of carrots and potatoes in the Duo Crisp, we have been able to brown the exposed skin in seven minutes using the air-fryer lid at the Roast setting.

Compared with chicken we’ve cooked in different air fryers, this chicken browned a lot greater evenly, even though it wasn’t as deeply golden as chicken roasted in an oven or a convection toaster oven.

The meat became succulent, at the same time as the veggies beneath grew to become out smooth or even caramelized in places, if a touch overcooked.

The end result wasn’t pretty as exact as conventional French chicken in a pot, which could be greater flavorful after an extended cooking time and gentler reduction. But we’d gladly devour this comforting one-pot meal again.

The Duo Crisp additionally did a truthful process cooking a steak when we performed round with the cooking process.

It didn’t produce a darkish sear like the sort you’d get from a scorching-hot pan, however that makes sense: Air doesn’t behavior heat properly.

Our New York strip steak became pale, gray, and undercooked after roasting for the encouraged 12 mins at 400 °F.

But the shadeation deepened as soon as we caught it at the protected broiler tray and broiled it for 5 mins, and the steak grew to become out scrumptious and juicy.

The Duo Crisp is exceedingly properly designed. You can without problems seize the detachable air-fryer basket with oven mitts whilst you want to toss the meals inside.

We additionally like that you may in shape an 8-inch cake pan withinside the Duo Crisp, if you’re willing to bake with it—maximum committed air fryers we’ve examined can in shape handiest a 6-inch pan.

We made a Duncan Hines cake in the Duo Crisp, and even though it wanted double the time indicated at the cooking chart, it emerged with an even, moist, and smooth crumb.

While the air-fryer lid is heavy, we respect that it’s completely detachable, which makes the Duo Crisp loads less complicated to easily circulate across the kitchen than the Ninja Foodi.

While air frying, the Duo Crisp became additionally quieter than the Foodi and a variety of different air fryers we’ve examined; we slightly observed the sound of the fan.


Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

Used for both air frying or strain cooking individually, the Duo Crisp does not do anything exceptional. As an air fryer, it has a variety of the identical shortcomings because of the standalone air fryers we’ve tested.

The fryer basket, despite the fact that it is larger than a few we’ve tested, remains cramped, which makes it tough to prepare dinner dishes flippantly.

We discovered that the basket couldn’t manage extra than approximately 12 oz of chicken tenders—while we made a large, 16-ounce batch, the effects had been barely tender withinside the middle.

We had been capable of cook 1½ kilos of frozen fries in the Duo Crisp, however we needed to toss them extra regularly than Instant Pot suggests.

And the ensuing fries had been traditional air fryer quality: dryish at the outside, with more often than not fluffy interiors. For extra flippantly cooked, crispier effects, we opt for cooking finger ingredients in a toaster oven or everyday oven.

As a strain cooker, the Duo Crisp lacks a variety of the preprogrammed settings that make the Instant Pot Duo or Ultra so handy to use.

You can’t truly press a button to cook rice, for example, or stew—as a substitute you need to show up the best time and strain, placing and applying it manually.

In our very own kitchens, we wouldn’t sacrifice a treasured area to this hulking gadget, which seems like a pass among a UFO and a soup dumpling.

Although the Duo Crisp’s 8-quart length makes it satisfactory as an air fryer (any smaller, and you’d have even extra hassle cooking meals flippantly), that length is likewise a drawback.

We suppose a 6-quart electric powered strain cooker, which has sufficient ability to feed a family, is an extra practicable length for maximum humans, now no longer to say the truth that the heavy air-fryer lid is largely a separate equipment which you want to store.

Finally, one in every one of the largest pitfalls of any new Instant Pot version is that the agency presents little steerage on a way to cook with it, that is vital for a novel equipment in which the common cookbook recipe can’t be without problems converted.

Important Safeguards

Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

The Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews is a useful appliance to have in the house. It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker and much more all-in-one. However it can be dangerous if not used correctly.

Before using the Air Fryer Instant Pot for the first time read these important safety precautions from manufacturer:

1) Unplug electrical appliances before use .

2) Do not touch the steam release handle during cooking or when you are cleaning the lid after cooking . This steam release handle becomes extremely hot during operation and may cause burn or injury .

3) Pressure inside this Air Fryer Instant Pot is very high (approximately 110 PSI), please take extra caution when using it to process food at home , especially when children are around .

Please do not use it for personal uses . Note that children are usually fascinated by the steam release handle and might want to touch or play with it , paying extra attention when in use around them .

4) Air Fryer Instant Pot is NOT suitable for cold/ room temperature water bath canning  and steam canning in general.

Air Fryer Instant Pot users are strongly advised not to do this unless they are familiar with proper procedures, equipped with high-quality pressure canners , and follow all of the relevant safety precautions outlined at USDA’s website here .

Any attempt at home “canning” using an electronic device may result is a risk of botulism poisoning and/or fire hazard due to potential malfunctioning of control panel and poor design

5) Do not leave the Air Fryer Instant Pot unattended while using it, especially when you are processing food in any mode. Also avoid leaving the lid unopened when Instant Pot is running or heating .

6) The steam release handle can be opened by pulling outward only ! Applying downward pressure to the handle will cause malfunctioning of the valve and may lead to injury.

7) Do not use this appliance for other than intended use .

8) Please keep your hands away from the steam releasing handle during cooking or cleaning, hot water release handle after cooking  or when this appliance is still under pressure!

(This warning appears repeatedly all over the manual). If you ignore these warnings, there could be severe burn injuries, possible accidents involving fire or explosion or worse.

While Air Fryer Instant Pot may seem to be just a regular kitchen appliance, it is not.

It’s a high-pressure steam mechanism that works much like commercial grade pressure cookers in health care, food processing and scientific laboratories.

Treat it with respect and never use it without close adult supervision if you have small children at home .

How To Care And Clean Air Fryer Instant Pot

Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

The Instant Pot Duo Crisp, with all of its bells and whistles, has some elements that require cleansing. This gadget boasts a chrome steel internal pot, making it a candidate for laundry by hand or using the dishwasher.

Because I didn’t need to fear a nonstick floor, I became loose to apply an abrasive sponge if necessary.

After simply one use, the pot no longer had the identical luster and shine, however I felt it became pretty easy to smooth, just like the relaxation of my chrome steel cookware.

The air fryer basket, however, required a chunk greater care due to its nonstick coating. It did smooth up with a little effort, however the usage of an abrasive could be a mistake here.

There had been bits of meals caught in the basket, so letting it soak with a little warm water and dish cleaning soap genuinely loosened them. Alternatively, you could strive to clean it in the dishwasher.

I will say that this fryer basket became not as easy to smooth because of the Cosori fryer basket that I recently tested, however it became manageable.

The air fryer lid has to by no means be submerged in water, so cleanup calls for a chunk greater care.

The heating coil is lined in a non-stick surface which makes maximum of the cleanup pretty easy with a humid kitchen towel or sponge. The outside of the lid cleans up properly with a kitchen spray.

Cleaning the stress cooking lid became a touch complicated, because of the steam launch valve, stress pin, and sealing ring.

All of those elements are detachable pretty without problems with route from the Getting Started Guide, however it’s far critical to notice that those elements are small and will without problems be misplaced or out of place if not cleaned and changed immediately.

Otherwise, the lid is dishwasher secure or easily cleaned with dish cleaning soap and water.

How Did We Test? Is Air Fryer Instant Pot Worth It?

Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews
Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

We spent a day checking out the diverse settings at the Duo Crisp to look at the way it works in comparison with each an ordinary electric powered strain cooker and an air fryer.

We first strain cooked an entire bird after which we used the air-frying lid to see if we may want to crisp up the skin.

We additionally cooked a 1½-inch New York strip steak at the roast place to see if we may want to get a seat at the meat.

Then, we baked a cake, for the reason that Duo Crisp can shape an 8-inch cake pan (maximum air fryers can accommodate a 6-inch pan).

Lastly, we examined the Duo Crisp’s air-frying abilities with the aid of cooking frozen french fries and  batches of bird fingers.

Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews is the most popular Instant Pot Pressure Cooker with many people buying this Air Fryer Instant Pot.

Air Fryer Instant Pot is a very useful appliance that anyone will find themselves using multiple times daily with all the different things that can be cooked in an Air Fryer Instant Pot.

Air Fryer Instant Pot seems to be classified as one of those kitchen appliances like blenders and mixers?You know, the kind you convinced yourself you needed and now use every day (or more than once a day).

An Air Fryer Instant Pot can make your life easier and make some great meals, but they are expensive and it’s really important to think about if Air Fryer Instant Pot is worth it for you before shelling out hundreds of dollars on another small kitchen appliance.


How Would I Improve the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer?

Testing this device turned into quite a few fun, and I turned into pretty amazed via way of means of its variety of packages withinside the domestic kitchen.

For my own circle of relatives of four, it’s miles a outstanding length for strain cooking. I experience assured that I could use it for lots destiny meals.

However, I am reluctant to mention that I could use the air fryer feature on its own, because of the confined cooking surface. I could opt to have a bigger air fryer basket that turned into now no longer as deep, however a piece wider.

Another layout flaw is the duration of the electric wire. I observed this sincerely confined wherein I turned into capable of using this alternatively huge appliance.

The guide shows that this brief wire is designed for safety, for you to save you from entanglement or tripping, which left me little or no room for maneuvering it round my countertop.

In the end, I needed to relocate my espresso maker to deal with this device, which turned into high-quality in the brief time period, however may be a hassle for a few kitchens with confined retailers and space.

What’s the Warranty?

As with the acquisition of any appliance, it is right to have a study of the assurance. In this case, the constrained assurance is powerful for one year from the date of authentic customer purchase, that’s quite general for this kind of kitchen gear.

Instant Pot additionally gives purchaser care via phone, email, or on line chat. Their internet site appears to be an awesome aid for guide, troubleshooting, and often requested questions.

The Getting Started Guide has a QR code at the the front that directs you to their internet site wherein you may locate many useful sources consisting of recipes, cooking tips, videos, and extra guide.

There is even an Instant Pot recipe app, even though opinions are combined and propose that it no longer guide this model.

Should I buy the Instant Pot Duo Crisp and Air Fryer?

Buy it if you’re seeking to feed numerous people

With an 8-quart/ 8-liter capacity, this multi-cooker has a beneficent sized cooking pot that’s extremely good for batch cooking.

Wrap-up The Air Fryer Instant Pot Reviews

With the help of these Air Fryer Instant Pot reviews, you’ll be able to better understand which air fryer is best for your needs.

You can find out more about each product by clicking on the link in our table of contents or scrolling down this page.

We hope that we have helped you make an informed decision and are happy to answer any questions if needed! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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