Air Fryer Empanadas – Amazing Guide 2021

Empanadas are a well-known dish in different regions of the world. They often consist of a dough made from wheat flour, lard and salt.

The fillings can be either savory or sweet and usually contain meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit. This blog post will cover how to make empanadas using an air fryer.

Air fryers use hot air to cook food instead of oil and require little preparation time which makes them great for busy homes and professionals alike!

This recipe is easy enough that anyone can do it with no special skills required so let’s get started!

After reading this blog post you’ll know how to make your own delicious air fryer empanadas at home with Mosaiccafes.

What are empanadas?

Air Fryer Empanadas
Air Fryer Empanadas

Empanadas are savory turnovers with roots that hint lower back to Spain. These days, maximum people accompany them with Latin American cuisine, and they’re a famous avenue meal in regions with big Hispanic populations.

Latin American empanadas are made with a smooth dough that’s wrapped around a flavorful filling earlier than being deep fried (or, on this case, air fried) to crispy, crunchy perfection.

Empanada dough is much like pie crust, however is a touch much less flaky and greater tender.

Empanadas may be packed with something from hen to cheese to vegetables, however my preferred model is packed with highly spiced pork picadillo.

Air Fryer Empanadas Recipe

Air Fryer Empanadas
Air Fryer Empanadas


  • 1 pounds ground beef I used 80/20
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp chili powders
  • 1/4 tsp cumin
  • 2 9-inch pie crusts
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar jack cheese
  • 1 Tbs flour
  • chunky salsa for serving
  • sour cream for serving
  • vegetable oil spray


  1. Start by browning the ground beef. Cook over medium/excessive heat on top of the stove. When the beef is midway cooked, add the garlic powder, black pepper, chili powder, and cumin.
  2. Once the ground beef is cooked all of the manner via and not pink, drain the grease from it and add to a bowl. LET IT COOL COMPLETELY.
  3. When the beef has cooled, put off one of the pie crusts from the fridge to begin reducing out the circles.
  4. On a bit of wax or parchment paper add a small quantity of flour and roll the pie crust out onto it.
  5. Using a pitcher or biscuit cutter cut out 7-8 circles. There can be closing dough. Pick it up and roll it together right into a ball.
  6. Using the identical glass, roll the dough out right into a circle once more and reduce extra circles. I can generally get 11-12 circles of dough out of every crust.
  7. Add the cooked ground beef and shredded cheese onto one half of the pie crust circle. *Any extra ground beef that is leftover is positioned right into a freezer-pleasant box and frozen for as much as a month. To thaw, positioned in the fridge 24 hours earlier than used.
  8. The exceptional manner to ensure that they seal and also you do not make a multitude of the air fryer basket, pinch the rims then fold the rims over. Crimp the folded area with a fork.
  9. Spray the lowest of the air fryer basket with spray vegetable oil. Add the organized empanadas to the basket. Spray the tops with extra oil or brush with melted butter.
  10. Set the air fryer to 350 degrees and fry for eight minutes. With a fork, lightly turn every one. Spray once more with oil or brush with butter and fry for 1 greater minute.
  11. Remove the empanadas from the basket and hold the technique till they may be all made, ought to take about 3-4 times. Keep the already made ones heated in the oven or devour as you are making them!
  12. Serve those with bitter cream and salsa. Enjoy!
Air Fryer Empanadas
Air Fryer Empanadas

What makes these air fryer empanadas so good

Air Fryer Empanadas
Air Fryer Empanadas

The air fryer offers you a fantastically mild crust that has all of the crunch and texture of a deep fried dough with none of the paintings or bad factors of real deep frying.

They’re high-quality and clean to make! There’s a bit of an attempt to create the filling, however no greater than your common taco meat or sloppy Joe filling.

Once your empanadas are shaped, it’s simply every other eight mins or so in the air fryer!

Air fryer empanadas are an excellent freezer recipe! You can definitely do it. 1) Mix up the ground beef filling and freeze it till you’re geared up to make empanadas, or 2) blend up the filling and in reality shape the empanadas, then freeze them, shaped however uncooked.

Option variety 2 is my favorite due to the fact I can simply grasp an empanada or  out of the freezer and add them properly withinside the air fryer! They’ll be held withinside the freezer for up to six months.

Chef’s tips

Air Fryer Empanadas
Air Fryer Empanadas

You can use any sort of spray oil you like, however as always, make certain it’s air-fryer-safe! Avoid aerosols as they’ll harm the non-stick coating at the air fryer basket.

If you’re cooking a couple of batches of empanadas, provide the basket a mild spray among every batch.

Make positive the empanadas don’t contact or overlap withinside the air fryer basket. The air has to flow in completely to cook the meals evenly, so any spot the air can’t attain is a niche that won’t be cooked and crisp.

All home equipment is different, and that consists of air fryers. What works for me and my Chefman air fryer won’t give you the results you want and your Chefman air fryer – or anything logo you have!

Keep a watch on your empanadas the primary time or  you cook them and regulate the cook time and temperature as needed.

Can you freeze homemade empanadas?

Air Fryer Empanadas
Air Fryer Empanadas

Yes! These empanadas freeze virtually well, so I love creating a double batch to have handy for smooth snacks or appetizers.

Let the empanadas cool to room temperature, then freeze them for up to six months. Pop them again withinside the air fryer for a couple of minutes to warm them whilst you’re equipped to eat.


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make empanadas, the Air Fryer Empanada Maker is what you need.

With this product, making tasty treats that everyone will enjoy has never been easier.

The Air Fryer Empanadas are a creative and healthy alternative to the classic oven-baked version.

With no need for any added fats, these empanadas are great for those looking to cut back on their calorie intake or lower cholesterol levels.

If you’re new to cooking with an air fryer, this recipe is easy enough that even your kids can make it!

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