About us

If you want to know whether or not a certain product is worth your purchase, read the reviews on this site first. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs when it comes to training supplies but thanks in large part due to Mosaiccafes detailed insight into each item they review (and their honesty), these days all my needs are covered beautifully!
I appreciate what both companies offer here: helpful resources for athletes without annoying distractions like advertising products that aren’t really necessary- just looking at how well written some sections were made me feel much more confident about purchasing items too expensive than needed sometimes.”

Mosaic Café is a family owned and locally operated business that has been giving unparalleled services to the people of Phoenix since the time they have started their own restaurant in this area. Their dedication is second to none and they strive to provide delicious food every single day. We are not like any other restaurants because all the dishes we offer here in our restaurant is unique every day. This means that you will not get tired of it every single time. Even if you choose to eat here in our place on a daily basis, you will not get sick of the variety that we offer. Not only are they really delicious, but they are healthy too.

If you are not confident of our testament, then you can just check out the reviews that we have been receiving on a regular basis. We are ranked only with the highest ratings because of the many people who enjoy not only enjoy the food that we offer but the services too. More than that, we never disappoint them with our prices. Our food is exceptional and home cooked. The recipes are handed down from generations so you have the assurance that they are unique and something that you will not find elsewhere. We promise you that you will love everything we offer here.

This restaurant is a product of the hard work and labor of Letizia Vergara and Britney Knolls. They are best friends since college and has dreamt of putting up a restaurant when they already have enough savings to do so. Since then, they really worked hard and involved even their own family members who are willing to support them through and through. Make sure to have a taste of the dishes they are really proud of. Come to our restaurant today.