friends enjoying inside the cafe


Super love the homey vibe of this restaurant. I love this place and my friends do too. As a matter of fact, this is one of the restaurants that we frequent. Their salad is superb and is among the dishes we recommend to you. Their choice of salad differs every single time but it is the one with peaches and leafy greens are what I love the most. The taste will really make your taste buds remember and they will keep asking you for more. How I wish you will expand soon. The restaurant they have now easily gets crowded because more and more patrons are discovering the delicious treats that this restaurant offers. What more is that they have perfectly great coffee too. This is the reason why they can get a crowd no matter the time of the day.


Mosaic Café will give you a taste of love. They are going to give you a feeling of home that you will not want to leave anymore. I meet a lady here, Simone, and she really made me feel welcome in the place. She plays really good piano and I really enjoy hearing her play every single time.


Mosaic Café is among the best restaurants I’ve been to in the whole Phoenix area. The ambiance is really cozy and nice. If you are going to ask me, what adds to its appeal is their ever-changing food every day. The staff is also nice too and the parking space is really great. Been here several times already. I went alone, then with friends. I also went with some of my family members and so far, everything went well. In fact, it was a great experience from all of us since this is a really good place. Highly recommended so make sure to visit it also with your friends. We promise that you will definitely love it.