cafe that feels like home

Are you looking for a restaurant where you can feel at home? Do you want the same restaurant to be able to offer you great food? Then you are lucky if you are in Phoenix because you can find there Mosaic Café. Come drive out of your garage door Phoenix today and let us serve you good home-made steaming meals. We are open for you from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM every single day, including weekends and some holidays.

Nothing can describe home better than Mosaic’s Café. Just by entering alone in the threshold will immediately give you a feeling of warmth and home. Mind you, there is even a fireplace at a corner which adds to the soothing and warm ambiance that it exudes. But the best thing about it is the tables and cushions dotting the whole place. It is not difficult to fall in love in this quaint little restaurant in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona. The staff here is really trained well. They are going to serve you in a polite and friendly manner. From their approach alone, you’ll have the feeling that they’d love to play as your host. Listen to their stories about the place or Phoenix in general and if you are lucky, during some days, you can witness first hand their talent in playing different musical instruments.

our specialties

Mosaic Café will give you a taste of every dishes that are made from home. Everything they sell here is made from scratch every single day. They have many different dishes to offer so expect something different every single day. They make sure that what they prepare are even made from the best and freshest ingredients too, starting from the salad down do your chosen main course. They sell here different varieties of beef, pork, and chicken dishes. Also, we highly suggest not to miss out on our brick oven pizza because this is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

The secret? Mosaic’s Café makes use of ingredients straight from the local producers. Some of these we harvest from our very own farm. Those we cannot produce, we get from other local farms here. We make sure that every single piece here is handpicked to ensure their quality. Even the handling undergoes a meticulous process and we make sure to transform it into a dish that can be served immediately atop of the table. In that way, the flavor especially of the leafy greens will be preserved. This is the reason why many individuals, especially those who are health conscious, frequent our restaurant. You should try it yourself too so that you can have an idea what kind of food we are offering here.

Food is not the only thing that we offer here at Mosaic Café. We offer a good place for coffee too and light snacks. Check out our menu and have a taste of it yourself. We also accept early reservations of seats when you ask. Email us now for more questions or sign up to our newsletter so you will not miss anything we have to offer.